Leaked Switch-like Portable from Logitech great for Streaming and Emulation

Leaked Switch-like Portable from Logitech great for Streaming and Emulation

Logitech and Tencent have revealed plans to launch a streaming-based portable device. The handheld will be an Android powered gaming console with a Nintendo Switch-like body. There are other such devices that exist in the market today, however, this is the first time it will be supported by a big company, with dependable hardware, and support. It could be used as a portable device for retro game emulators.

The Nintendo Switch-like portables available on the market today are generally from eBay or AliExpress. These include handhelds like AYN Odin or Retroid Pocket 2+. Both of these can run old school retro emulators. But the handheld from Logitech and Tencent should be more reliable and with better support, hardware, and updates.

Originally this device was leaked by Evan Blass and then picked up by The Verge. It looks similar to a Switch Lite, with four face buttons, left/right shoulder buttons/triggers, dual joysticks, and D-pad. There is also a SD card slot on the top of the device for storage.

It seems to run on a customized version of the Android OS, along with Play Store access, with built-in capabilities for PC game streaming services from MS, Nvidia, and Valve. This would allow portable PC gaming on a handheld. The leaker Evan mentioned this project is a collaboration between Logitech and Chinese company Tencent. Combining Logitech's experience with hardware and Tencent's experience with games to create the ultimate streaming-based portable console.

We expect more details about the specs, RAM, screen size, pricing and other details to leak in the future. It is expected the device would be capable of emulating some consoles like the GameCube, PS2, and Wii. Many other portables can only emulate up to the original PlayStation or N64. So the specs on this device are expected to be better for good emulator performance.