Nintendo Switch third Most Sold Console in the World so far

Nintendo Switch third Most Sold Console in the World so far

Nintendo informed in its newest earnings report the Switch console sold 8.2 million units in the last three months of previous year. This brought total amount of Switch consoles sold worldwide to 122.55 million since being launched, making it the third most sold console in gaming history. However, the PS2 is still the most sold console of all time.

The Nintendo Switch originally released in March 2017. So it has been several years in the making to become the third most sold console in the world. The acceleration of sales can also be attributed to the period when most people were home and wanted to pass time by playing games.

The first place still belongs to Sony's Playstation 2 gaming console. The PS2 has sold 155 million units and still keeps its place as the most sold console in the world. In second place, is the Nintendo DS portable console, with 154 million units sold in total. The first and second place positions are very close to each other in terms of the total units sold.

Other notable mentions include the GameBoy and GameBoy Color, which combined, sold 118.69 million units. Next up is Sony's PS4, which sold a bit above 117 million units.

The Switch and PlayStation 4 are the only consoles that are still being produced today, so they still have time to increase these numbers, and take the top spots. The only reason the PS4 is still being manufactured is because the demand for its successor, the PS5, was not being met due to its popularity. So Sony decided to continue producing the PS4 while production for the PS5 catches up.

The Switch, however, is still Nintendo's latest console and still has time to become the most sold console ever. Until the successor to the Switch is released, which we anticipate is going to be amazing, if Nintendo plans to announce it.